YTT Day 1

I am sitting in the Best Western in King of Prussia, munching on Mary’s Gone Crackers, sipping water and reflecting on the day that is coming to a close.  There are a lot of things on my gratitude list so let’s start there:

1. Sun.  Today was sunny, mild, and totally life-affirming.  I drove east and south and the farther south I drove, the more lovely the day became.  I saw a car on the Northeast Extension tooling along at 75 with the top down.  If I had a convertible, I would have done the same thing today.  The amazing thing was that not a hair on the head of the driver moved!

2. GPS.  What did I ever do before Wanda, my GPS?  I got a new one for Xmas and this was her first outing.  Sadly though, this new Wanda isn’t as sweet and sexy as the old Wanda. This new Wanda is strictly business.  “Turn left in 1 mile,” she says.  The old Wanda would have said, “In one mile, turn le-ahh-ft.” drawing the word “left” out a little, and saying it with a little smile in her voice.  The new Wanda?  No smile in her voice. Very “driver’s ed,” if you know what I mean.  I’m going to work on her, see if I can make her lighten up a little on the way home.

3. Stillpoint Yoga.  This is the studio that hosts Yoganand.  The practice room has soft yellow walls with swirly sunrises painted on them and a Kwan Yin statue in the corner and a big Ganesha picture on the wall.  The people in the workshop are all repeats from other programs so there was a lot of hugging and catching up this evening.  Very sweet.  Loved it

On the down side, I checked my brackets on my March Madness B-ball pool only to find that for some inexplicable reason, I wasn’t included in my group.  I found my picks, I’m listed independently but I didn’t make it into the little group Emily set up.  Kinda sad about that.  2 years ago I actually won it, so I was really hoping that my b-ball ignorance would once again prevail.  (We play for wine, yo.)

This morning I had my last high octane rocket fuel morning juice for the next 5 days.  I am kinda scared about how I’m going to perform without it.  I have not NOT had my juice since back in January when I started the cleanse.  My body could start jonesin’ during pranayam tomorrow.  I could bonk.  Food is an enormous piece of my energy management and the food situation here is very, very sketchy.  I brought some stuff from home, but I am used to eating my big meal mid-day, and now…  It won’t happen.  Stay tuned.

Tonight we had the intro session, and I feel pretty good.  Tomorrow it begins in earnest.


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