Kicking March To The Curb

I do believe the April Yoga Challenge is now FILLED!!

I am so excited.  I spent some time this afternoon cleaning, orienting my Sunday teacher to the ventilation system, the sound system, the location of the toilet paper.

G worked on the Excel Spreadsheet with all the names and the boxes for each of the days.

The prospect of April, a new month, a month in early spring, a month when there is so much hope, so much possibility for an opening, so much felt need for a major change, a turnaround, a new life course. Don’t you feel it?? Aren’t you ready to kick the month of March to the curb, be done with the sloth and torpor of winter?  Of it all? Aren’t you ready to rise from the dead?

I already know what is possible in the span of  a mere 30 days.  Remember how I did that cleanse in January? How I cleaned up my diet?  And you know what?  I’m still on it. I’m still eating clean, and my body is the leanest it’s been in years.  All my jeans are hanging on me. Every. single. pair.  I made a permanent change in my eating habits in a mere 30 days. I love the way I eat now. (I especially love my high octane rocket fuel breakfast juice.)

I know the kinds of major changes that can happen when you commit to something for a month.

After class tonight,  I was trying to explain to some of my students what happens to you when you practice yoga every day.  Not what happens to your body. No.  What happens to YOU.  It happens differently for everyone, of course, but it definitely happens.

That’s why I’m so excited.  I am going to witness, and support, and nurture dramatic transformations in some people.

I cannot WAIT.

2 thoughts on “Kicking March To The Curb

  1. I’ll take the virtual challenge! I committed myself to an hour of yoga and two ten-minute meditation sessions a day when I came to India, and its been sooooo wonderful! Its been the grounding force in my crazy, unpredictable, incredible days here. Good luck with this year’s challenge!


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