Day 30: De-Throning The Iguana

I am sitting here at 1 PM on the afternoon of the last day of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  Only one more class left, a little party after that, and it will be over.  Tomorrow it will be May.

Two people made it to the studio every single day this month.  Lots made it 25 times or more.  Tons came in the teens.  Only a few came fewer than 10 times and only 2 never showed up at all.

Ordinarily, in a month, the most anyone practices is 4 times (once a week). And these are the “regulars.”  Lots of people who are not “regulars” did a whole lot of yoga this month and I am especially anxious to talk to them tonight about how they did it; how they were able to fight the big lizard of resistance.

Because this is not easy.  It’s not easy to roll out the mat.  Especially when there’s a big old Iguana of Resistance parked on it, defying you to shoo him off.

It takes a lot of guts to stare down that Iguana, poke it with a stick and tell it, “Scram!  Go find another perch, you scaly beast!” And then take your rightful place on your throne/mat.

Some days you just don’t have the energy to deal with the damned thing.  Some days it’s just easier to let it doze in its patch of sun, while you get a little more sleep, or play on-line, or do a load of wash, or watch TV.

So this is huge, this upping the ante on the practice.  Lots of Iguanas were de-throned this month, lots of Resistance was vanquished.  To practice yoga 10 times in month instead of 4?  20 times instead of 4? 25, 26, 29 times?  30 times instead of 4?  Or none? Whoah.  That’s a big deal!

So now what?  You’d think that after being poked day after day for a whole month, the stupid Iguana of Resistance would trundle off and find a new hangout, but no.  It’s an Iguana.  Its brain is the size of a jellybean. It’s going to sit on your mat every. single. day.  For the rest of your life.  I kid you not.  It will never ever get easier.

So what happens from here?  Do you decide: “Well that was an interesting experiment.” And file it away under: Yoga: No.”

Or do you decide: “That was flippin amazing!  I want some more of that mojo!” And wake up on May 1st and kick out a few Suns, throw down a Pigeon or two and Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer?

So as I see it, it all depends on what you want.

And what do you want?  If you know, do you want it enough to de-throne the Iguana every day, put up with its spit, and its attitude, and its stubborn persistence?

Do you have the fortitude to stare down your Iguanas to get what you really want? Whether what you want is yoga and its increased energy and awareness, or musical proficiency on the piano, or a sprinter’s fast-twitch muscles, or a clear writer’s voice?

What this Yoga Challenge has shown the participants, I hope, is that commitment to a thing, anything, gives you a place to stand, a place of stability and discipline and integrity, such that even if every thing else in your life comes crashing down around your ears, you know that you have your practice to stand on, and it will support you.  (See this post for more on that.)

I will not be here tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the River Towns Half Marathon.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  Tomorrow I will run, then rest, and continue to rest on Sunday, and then on Monday I will be back here, hopefully with pics from tonight’s party!

For all of you who have been doing the Challenge “Virtually” I plan to make us a website so we can continue to schmooze about our practices.  So a link and instructions to that will be coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following along at home. I love and appreciate you all for your readership, your kindness and most especially for your comments.

Love and Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Day 30: De-Throning The Iguana

  1. Kathleen:

    Once again, you are right. Such words of wisdom.

    Try to form just one new habit on a regular basis.

    Financial/Spiritual/Physical/Social/you name it.

    Pick one. And take baby steps. And don’t give up till it become a habit. Practice it daily.

    For example, right now I have put my imagination on a vacation and that is really bad news.

    Imagination used to be one of my strengths as a kid. So, I want to develop my gift. How do I do it?

    By reading books authored by literary artists who excel at fantasy: Alexander Dumas, Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, and there are so many others.

    Reading works of fiction should not be a priority for everybody, but certainly should be for those who, like me, enjoy reading mind-bending stuff.

    I have been lax and need to get back in the game.

    “It’s the eye of the tiger/And it’s the thrill of the fight/you have to rise up to the challenge of your rivals.”

    I will take inspiration from this song in order to overcome my lack of discipline. Cheers!


  2. I did it! Whoo hoo! Got up at 5:30 this morning, had a terrible time getting started (big fat iguana sitting on my mat), but then I didn’t want to stop. Funny how it’s like that. 30 consecutive days. Incredible.

    Today’s lesson: getting up at 5:30am to do yoga is much easier when I go to bed at 10pm rather than midnight. But oh yeah, you told us that already, didn’t you? 😉

    Thank you, thank you, Kath. I tried to call you just now to thank you at the party, but you’re not picking up your cell phone! This has been such an amazing experience. And I know it’s just the beginning.

    Best of luck with your race tomorrow. I know you’ll make it all the way through!!


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