April Recap

River Towns Half Marathon "Trybe"

What a weekend!   Here is our running “Trybe” before we approached the start line for the River Towns Half Marathon.  We all look so happy and fresh and smiley and clean, don’t we?

Yeah, we didn’t end up looking so pretty, but we all finished!  We have been training since January in temps ranging from the high 20s to the high 50s.  Race day temp?  High 80s. Ouch.

But it was all good (I actually like it warm, given the choice) and this time I hydrated before, during and after, so the next day I was a bit sore, but fine.

The April Yoga Challenge ended with a big class, and a party.  Cindy Meixel, one of the “Virtuals” actually came!  And she took some pics, including this one:

End of the Yoga Challenge

We had great food, I raffled off some mats and other goodies, I got to meet the families and friends of some of my students, and had a blast.

And then, on Saturday, when it was all over, I went blotto. I  stayed offline, slept in (ahhh..), and shopped for groceries.  I cleaned the studio, put it back to rights, and this morning led a sleepy morning class and just one class this evening.

I’m still tired.  It’s going to take a few more days to get back to my creative rhythm.

More tomorrow…

Back to normal at MSY.