I am in a Hampton Inn in Spotsylvania county, Virginia  (How I love that word Spotsylvania!)

From Pennslyvania to Spotsylvania and it only took 2 Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s, 2 This American Life‘s, 1 Radio Lab “Short,” 1 tall soy latte, 1 mozarella basil and roasted red pepper pannini, 1 lobster, shrimp and scallop dinner, and 1 Stella.

Not too bad.

First time in Virginia.  They say Virginia is for Lovers, but I think Virginia is mostly for horses in “love” because I saw lots of horses doing the deed today.

Now I am going to cozy up in this big ole king-sized bed, pour myself a little Irish Mist, and head to la-la land.

Sweet dreams!  Back on Monday.