Things I Love…

(on a cold Tuesday night in May.)

I am just back from my “Detox Yoga” class which was packed to the gills with some of my fave yogarians– yogarians who love to sweat and twist and compress and breathe.  Yogarians who come in and say: “That P90X yoga that everybody thinks is so hard?  Pth.  That’s a walk in the park compared to this!”

Love my warrior yogarians!

And you know what else I love on a cold Tuesday when it’s pouring rain with little sleet balls?

A garage door opener.

A glass of Cline’s Ancient Vines Zinfandel.

Chicken penne pasta with gooey mozarella all over it and a fresh spinach salad with cukes and ranch dressing.

YoYo Ma playing Bach cello suites while I eat the above.

A scented candle

Fleece slippers.

1 Voulevou Delices Authentic French Truffle dusted with cocoa powder for dessert.

A down throw.

A soft couch.

And 2 hours of The Biggest Loser.

I fully realize that I just burst the whole perfect bubble of wonderfulness for some people with that last one, but man, I love Jillian and her ass whoopi-ness on a cold Tuesday in May.

Now, what do you love?  Yeah, I really want to know.

List, please.