The Importance of Sleep

Once again, I write about sleep.  That’s because I don’t get enough,  so my whole day becomes an exercise in energy management.  It’s like when your gas tank is *this close* to empty and you are far from a gas station so you try to coast down hills, and drive waaaay under the speed limit to conserve.  Every mile you make it becomes a small victory.  Every mile is one you don’t have to walk carrying your gas can.

I have a lot of “required miles” in my day.  I have my personal “disciplines,” as well as commitments I have made to other people  to be certain places at certain times and have my “A” game on.

So when I am coasting, and driving waaay under the speed limit, I am not living the way I want to be living, or serving to my best ability.

This morning for example, I got up and taught the AM yoga class, came home drank my juice, did my meditation then sat down for my morning write and totally bonked.

I literally could not see: the fog in my brain was so dense, so thick, it took everything I had to just find my pen and uncap it.

It felt like a breakdown on the side of the road.  So I took my gas can and walked over to my bed, put on my Holosync headphones, and took a deep refreshing “holo-snooze for an hour.

Afterwards, I was back on the road again, tank full.  I picked up the pen and wrote like an Indy  racer for 2 hours.  Vrooommm!!  And it felt great.

Now I know that when my night sleep hours number less than 6, I need to build a nap into my day.

It’s dangerous to hitch on the side of the road these days.