Fun Ruts

The other day I posted on Facebook that I was compiling my summer reading list and asked all my FB friends for one “must read” recommendation.

I asked because I’ve been in a book rut.  I read the same kinds of books all the time: new age, spiritual classics, non-fiction, with the occasional novel thrown in for good measure.

So now, thanks to FB,  I have a whole list of intriguing book recs that I am currently contemplating and I’m definitely going to be reading some great new stuff this summer.

Every year before Memorial Day G and I make a “Fun List” for the summer.  I’m sitting here now, looking at this list and it kind of looks like last year’s: a bike trip, a ball game, a trip to the beach, flying a kite, an impromptu party, a new kayak area, a star-gazing trip to Cherry Springs and lots of other super-fun things.

But as ridiculous as it sounds–no, not ridiculous, as oxymoronic as it sounds, I think I may be in a “fun rut.”

I want to break out, go on an escapade, have a lark, do something so totally unlike what I would ever consider doing, that it would skyrocket me into a whole new stratosphere of fun.

So here’s what I want from you: Suggest something.  What are you going to do for fun this summer?  What do you think I ought to try?  If I take your suggestion I’ll take pics or video of me doing it and post them here.

Deal?  Okay, GO!