Gauging My Life

Ever since the end of the Challenge and the end of the Half Marathon I’ve been really tired and feeling kinda lackluster.

It happens.  Letdowns happen.

Brian Johnson of Philosopher’s Notes, quoting one of his favorite  authors, says, “When our car runs low on gas, we don’t blame the gauge, we simply pull into a gas station and fill it up.”

So I’ve been thinking in terms of gauges a lot lately.

My “Sleep Gauge” is definitely tending a little more toward “E” than I would like, and so is  my “Intellectual Stim” gauge.

My  “Food Quantity Gauge,” has been floating right in the middle between “E” and “F,”  and my “Food Quality Gauge” considerably toward the “Quality” end, and away from the “Crap” indicator. And that makes me happy.

So I am going to make a valiant effort to get more sleep, and read more and find other things that will  spark my creativity and my brain in the next few days.

Reading more will help, I know.  And talking to people who have absorbing projects that they are totally invested in, will help too.

And getting off this computer right now and getting myself to bed will not give me enough sleep (that train left an hour ago), but hopefully I will at least stem the bleeding.

I am also going to really try to post earlier in the day from now on because I am a dim bulb at this point in the night (10:30), and much happier and crreative then.

So goodnight all, see you in the morning!