Sunday Dinner

Much to my delight, G has been bitten by the trail running bug. Last weekend we participated in the Ives Run Trail Challenge and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,– which is saying something, because neither of us like to run. But for some reason, running in the woods feels better, less like work, and more like fun.

There are no crowds, for one thing, and not a lot of overt competition.  People running through the woods seem kinder, friendlier.

So this morning we set out early and went back and did the Lynn C. Keller trail.  A piece of this trail was part of last weekend’s run, but we did the whole thing today.  Round trip, about 4 miles.  There is a lot of steep uphill, culminating in a very nice vista.  And we returned along a ridge line, so the downhill was more gradual and more fun.

Kath on the Lynn C. Keller Trail

Back at home, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making Cauliflower Maranca for dinner. She made an apple pie in between football games. We invited Ira and Fred to join us and had a really nice time talking about politics and Occupy Wall St. among other things.

It felt like a really good Sunday.

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