I Do Not Need An IPhone

This morning started with a massive software upload that now allows me into the CLOUD.  My Touch and my Ipad now have new apps, and everything syncs with everything without the computer. All I have to do is plug my Touch or my Ipad in to recharge it and it syncs with everything across platforms.

I watched an informational video from Apple about this new Cloud technology and it had me drooling.

Some people love shoes and clothes. Some people love to go to Broadway shows or the Opera. Some people dream of redesigning or redecorating their houses. Some people drool over travel brochures. Other people go wild in Williams Sonoma and want a fancy espresso maker or a set of Calaphon pans. Some people could live in Ikea.

Not me.  I want fancy electronic gadgets: Iphones, MacBooks, IPads, teensy-weensy external hard drives that will store a trigobyte of data.  I want gizmos.

I don’t NEED an Iphone, not a bit. But today I WANTED an Iphone.  The thing is, I hate my phone.  And it’s not just my phone, which is the antithesis of a smart phone, in fact it is a dumb phone. The truth is, I hate ALL phones, smart or dumb.

When my phone rings, I cringe inwardly. I don’t want to answer. I’d much rather get an email or a text. The phone does not meet my needs for connection. The phone makes me feel fake.  I can never get my voice to match what I feel. I want the person on the other end to be able to see my eyes, my mouth, my teeth. I want them to see me scratch my head, or tilt it. I want them to read my body language.

Which is what I am sure people who LOVE their phones are happy that the other person CANNOT see. I get that, I do.

But the Iphone can take pictures and edit them and send and receive email and there are all those apps and, and…it’s so well designed and pretty.  I want one.

Apple makes me want things that I don’t need.  I played with an Iphone today in a store.  I calculated how much an Iphone would cost per year, compared to what I pay for my dumb phone.  The dumb phone wins.

I will not get an Iphone. But I still want one.

4 thoughts on “I Do Not Need An IPhone

  1. I can relate completely! I hate phones and I don’t even have a cell phone at all. People assume I’m a Luddite until I tell them to send me an email and I’ll pick it up on my iPad. For me, the iPad was the answer to the whole iPhone dilemma. I haven’t upgraded to the cloud yet, but it’s on my to-do list. Sounds awesome!


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