Pacific City, OR Day 1

Pacific City, OR Day 1

Our VRBO here in Pacific is what Emily calls “fancy.” Scott says that’s just because the cabinets hang straight.

This is Obie’s first time sleeping  away from home. And Dude’s, too. (Dude is the chihuahua.) This is the “fire drill” trip for their Alaskan cruise in a few weeks.

After we settled in, we went to the Pelican Brewery here in Pacific City, hoping to sample some good brewskis and have a little dinner, but it was packed and the wait was too long. So,we’ll do that another day.

This was Obie’s first look at the ocean. He liked the sand.

imageI almost got Haystack Rock to grow right out of G’s head.


After dinner Obie contemplated the fire.


Was read to by Ira


Was hugged a lot


And eventually went to bed and after just a bit of crying, konked out.

Then G and Scott played horseshoes


And Em and I watched




Portland. Day 1

He’s getting used to us. Here is G feeding him breakfast:

And Dude begging.

Then we went and scoped out the new house and the new neighborhood. There’s a playground practically in their backyard. Obie is a bit too young for anything but the baby swings, so I tried out the rest of it for him. There are some pretty terrifying pieces of equipment in that playground, but this wasn’t one of them (despite my apparent breathlessness coming down a baby slide.)


Next we went to the Rose Garden where Emily and Scott got married June 21st 8 years ago, even though Scott thought it was 7 years ago. 

This is Obie just seconds before he was attacked by viscious rose water. 

Sadly, this encounter with these pink arbor roses did not end well. They were wet and when he let go of them, they swung back and he got hit with a face full of water. Don’t trust roses, Obie. They’re pretty, but they’re bitches.

After lunch and a nap, we went to Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village for something new. He really wanted the revolving Disco Ball on the ceiling, but settled for this shape sorter. We also discovered that, oddly enough, he doesn’t like toys that bite. Go figure.

All he wants to do is hold your hand and walk you around. Let’s just say I hit my 10K step goal.


A few games of Corn Hole and then during Happy Hour Scott gave me a Uke lesson. 


Tomorrow the party moves to the coast. 

Good times.


I paid $3.99 so you could read this

Getting up at 3:30 wasn’t so bad. And even though it was foggy as hell driving to the airport, got there without hitting a deer.

(I am the only person I know who has never hit a deer. The streak continues.)

My luggage weighed 32.9 lbs. I won “the lightest luggage” contest among my travel mates, Ira and G.

We got TSA-PRE which meant we didn’t have to take off our shoes, but G got pulled over for trying to bring an Orgain (a meal replacement drink we are fond of) through security. (Travel much, G?)

I conked out on the plane from ELM to ORD. Didn’t even hear Beverage Service come through.

Originally had a tight connection in Chicago (ORD), but t-storms there delayed all planes departing and arriving so no worries about making the plane. So few worries in fact, that G and I got a quickie Swedish Massage for neck and shoulders that unravelled the Gordian Knot of Hell planted there my our beloved trainer, Vince, yesterday during killer sets at the squat rack.

(Never in my life would I have predicted that the words “Squat Rack” would ever grace my vocabulary.)

G and I purchased the mandatory Starbucks drinks and G paid for the mocha of a woman newly state-side from 6 months in India who was all saucer-eyed over just about everything. “I just drank from A WATER FOUNTAIN!”

We remembered what that felt like. (India is hard.)

I bought a neck pillow (we have 6 of them,, at least, at home) and the Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover. Bought a Kale-Orange drink at Jamba, and walked the length of the B-Gates to try to keep up with G in the race to get the most steps on our Garmins.

Just spent $3.99 for an hour of WiFi on this cheap-o flight. (C’mon United.)

Ira is asleep pretending to read some book about Darwinian Evolution (is there any other?) and G found US Open coverage on her Ipad.

We have about an hour left on this flight, then rental car and off we go!



The Alarm is set for 3:30 AM

Our flight leaves at 7 AM tomorrow morning which means we have to be there by 6, which means we have to leave here by 5, which means we have to get up before the ass-crack of dawn.

It’s okay though. I’d rather do it this way than get in to Portland at 10 PM. This way we land before noon, giving us the whole day there. I love flying west and gaining those 3 hours. Similarly, I hate flying back east and losing them.

I am all packed, and the house is cleaned, and the house-sitter has been de-briefed on last minute stuff today.

I am also feeling very grateful to my 2 very adept yoga teachers who will be keeping the studio open while I am gone. Sandy will be teaching Happy Hour tomorrow and Gentle on Tuesday, and Shelly will be teaching Power Yoga on Monday. I would love to take those classes. (I always miss my studio when I go away.) My practice will probably take a break as well.

I have built all my  vacations this summer as no-writing times, but I’m taking my notebook anyway. You never know.

I do plan to keep this blog streak going, so I will be posting every day while I’m there, and I hope to take lots of pictures as well.

I got a message from one of my readers this morning that this site is wonky for him. My links are dead, for example, and my side-bar widgets have disappeared as well as the comment block at the end of the post.

If you are NOT experiencing this, would you do me a favor and let me know in the comments below? (Obviously, if you are experiencing this you can’t comment.)

I contacted WordPress this morning and they told me to clear my cache, but that didn’t solve the problem. I didn’t have time to follow up with them today, but I hope to during the week. It’s frustrating when the site starts acting strangely and I can’t figure out why.

Okay, I am off to bed. 5 hours sleep isn’t much, but tomorrow I will be sleeping in Portland! I can’t wait.

I get to hug OBIE!!

How did I ever pack before Packing Cubes??

Today I packed for my trip to Oregon.  I must say, I am a huge fan of packing cubes.

Omg. I love these things. Here is a week’s worth of stuff, including beach clothes all ready for the suitcase.


When I get to the hotel, my pajamas and robe and all the stuff I need for a shower is in one bag. My hoodie and long pants and long sleeved shirts and jeans are in another bag. My underwear is another little one. Shorts and tops in another one. Shoes in the red one. All I have to do tomorrow is pack toiletries and my ukulele and I’m done.

I love how, if I have to open my suitcase in a public place or if, god forbid, my suitcase were to break open, all my stuff would not come tumbling out all over the place. I would just have to pick up 5 neatly organized bags.

I throw an empty one in and use it for laundry, and when I get home, I just take my bag to the washer and dump it in.

You can get them here:

The reviews of these things sold me. There isn’t a bad review in the bunch. The medium-sized ones are by far the most versatile.  People get positively rhapsodic over these things, and now I totally understand their rhapsody.

I deeply appreciate things that are beautifully designed for function as well as aesthetics. And while packing cubes might not be beautiful objects, their function certain is.

(The last time I got so excited about a thing was after I spent $80 on a dish drainer. I still love and appreciate that dish drainer, by the way. I reviewed it here.)

But aside from packing cubes, I am getting so happy thinking that in 2 days I will get to see my little Obie and my daughter and son-in-law. They are in the throes of buying a house right now and things are getting difficult and frustrating and annoying.

I am really hoping that our being there will help and support them. They were hoping that all this house stuff would be resolved by the time we got there, I know, but stuff happens.

It’s the way of stuff. Life is just stuff and stuff and more stuff. We can’t control stuff, the only thing we can control is how we respond to it, right?




Real Bloggers Blog in Airports

This is my second attempt at posting today. The first was 3 hours ago in the Charlottle airport, and now I am trying again at Gate F22 in Philly. This gate has, no lie, 10 seats, so I am parked in Gate 21 which has 20 seats.

We have left the land of palm trees and are returning to the land of pine trees. It’s better this way. We aren’t Florida people. No diversity, no energy, not too friendly. Nice tropical climate though, with a sort of Hemingway-esque dry tortuga feel. The nature preserve was great, drinking gin and tonics and eating wonderful shrimp was great, reading and writing and reconnecting was great.

And now home to a Liver and Bile cleanse, lots of yoga, laundry, and Boomer. 

I am reluctant to write a whole lot more in the event that this post doesn’t go through. 

See you back in the land of pine trees.

Birds and Shit

A whole bunch of years ago G and I rented kayaks at Puddledockers in Ithaca, NY. After setting us up with paddles and life jackets, the outfitter, a bored college kid, pointed to the right and said, “If you go this way, you’ll end up on the lake (Cayuga); if you go this way (left) you’ll see birds and shit.”

We went left. We like birds and shit.

This morning we went back to the Ding Darling Nature Preserve and rented kayaks. We toured it yesterday on bikes. I think I liked the kayaks better. Fish practically jumped into our yaks. Ospreys hovered overhead, then dove head first into the water trying to spear those same flying fish. G saw a turtle and some starfish. I saw watery trees reflected in still water.

We paddled a marked kayak trail through mangroves and at one point I got so close to a big heron I could have easily touched it. (It freaked me out, actually.) It is unnerving when a big, quiet, notoriously shy bird like that allows a person to get so close without taking off.

It is our last day here. Tomorrow we will be in Airport World. It has been a good getaway. We are both agreed that our time in the nature preserve was our best time here. Sanibel is a beautiful island. The water is soft and swimmable. There are plenty of good restaurants. But the best part is that 60% of the island is a nature preserve.

It has very good birds and shit.