Day 10: 10 Miles

As most of you know, I am training for a half marathon, which I will run the day after the Yoga Challenge (May 1).

I’ve been getting out for short trots around campus of about 18 minutes in duration, which is fun, but is not getting me in shape to run 13 miles in one shot.

Every Saturday we have a group training run, though, and these are what is getting me in shape.  Week one it was 2 or 3 miles I think (maybe less).  Week 2 it was 4, and we’ve been upping the ante every week. Today we did 10, which will be our longest distance until race day.

The road we ran on was beautiful.  It’s early spring here in PA and although most trees are still bare, the serviceberry trees are starting to blossom white, and I saw Dutchman’s britches and trilliam today.

Running is an Advanced Pranayama technique. Today I ran intervals and breathed hard for a few yards, then let the breath settle down.  It was mystical.  I got myself high.

When I got home, I showered, drank juice and bonked.  Could not get up off the couch until I had to to teach the 5:30 class.

Tomorrow I sleep in.  Ahhhh….  Thank god for Brenna.

Carry on, Yogarians, real and virtual.  Keep up the good work!

7 thoughts on “Day 10: 10 Miles

  1. Kath, the idea of getting high on running 10 miles, well, my dear, you continue to be an inspiration! I’m already so grateful to you for initiating the virtual challenge in the first place. Thank you!!

    This morning I held all poses for 5 breaths (except for the suns), and attempted a couple of poses [side plank and lion(?), the one where you kneel and then lean back and grab your heels] that had me feeling a little intimidated. The breath definitely allowed me to go deeper into the poses, feeling my edge but enjoying it.

    It’s only been 20 minutes since I finished, but I was in the yoga zone and can’t remember the exact sequence. It was something like this:

    intention, twist, wind, hamstring, twist, lying butterfly, happy baby, mountain, side bend, 6 suns, dogs, warrior I, warrior II, warrior with back bend, triangle, triangle w/ hand wrapped around waist, side bend, dw dog, repeat vinyasa on other side, dw dog, child, hero, child, dw dog, pigeon, dw dog, frog, dw facing boat, dw dog, child, upward boat (yesterday’s 20 count boat), fish, bridge, wheel, piriformis stretch, Parisian twist, savasana. Namaste.


  2. Kath,
    Love the website and your writing, of course. So glad to be connected in the blogosphere. I love the idea of running long distances but the reality of it simply hasn’t panned out yet. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.


  3. April 11th; Day 11 … 30 min., 7 pm hour at sunset … wow, my leg balancing is getting ssoooo mmmuch better … I’ve been working on the pose where you stand on one leg, lean your torso forward, extend the other leg straight behind you, and then reach both arms straight forward, holding them together & pointing index fingers forward – (I don’t know the name of this! help!) … it’s getting better & better … before working back up to this (I had previously been able to do this, but “fell off the balancing wagon” with lack of consistent practice), I started out in the balancing pose on all fours where you extend one leg straight behind you & extend the opposite arm straight in front of you (again, I don’t know the name of this! help!) … anyway, I’m getting stronger & stronger in the balancing poses … YEAH!


    1. Cindy! Awesome about the balancing! Isn’t it amazing how, with practice, balance really improves??? I always tell my students this and they never believe me, so I am glad to have your “testimonial.”
      The first pose you described is Warrior 3. The second one is what I call “Bird Dog” (because I feel like a German Short-haired Pointer when I do it.)


      1. Aaaaahhhh! Yes! I just googled those terms and see the images! Yeah! Thank you! Funny how you can do poses and never know the names for them. Oh well, I suppose we don’t have to “name” everything, but some times it’s helpful in the “remembering” when you are “in flow” and pondering “what’s next”!

        I see in various images for Warrior 3 some with pointed toe (I do that) and some without (I’ll do that too now!) – do you know if there is a “preference”? I suppose both options are acceptable? Also I see different arm/hand options – I’ll try some new ones! Yeah! Thanks for the info!


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