Day 11: Slow Sunday

It was so sweet to sleep in this morning, especially after the 10 mile run yesterday.

I stayed in my pjs for most of the morning, catching up on blog reading and exploring the Itunes store looking for new yoga music.  I’ve been getting deathly sick of the stuff on my Ipod, and I  found a new album by Masood Ali Khan called Yoga Sessions and bought it.  Made a few new playlists–maybe not for classes, but who knows? New music inspires me.

Tonight I went to Brenna’s Yin class at 5:30 and it was a crowded and a lovely class, and so quiet on Main St!  We did savasana with no music, and there was virtually no noise from outside.  During the week, it has been so incredibly loud on the street that I spend a lot of time adjusting the volume on the sound system, trying to mask the roar of trucks.

The gas well drilling “play” has completely changed the decible level on Main Street in Mansfield.  It used to be about a “3” on a scale of 1 to 10 (with “1” being quiet and “10” requiring ear plugs), and now it’s about a “7” all day long, from early in the morning till just before sunset.

I must confess, I’m finding it very hard to fall in love with this new reality.

But today was so slow and soft and quiet, during my savasana meditation I was able to pretend that I didn’t live on the Marcellus Shale.

4 thoughts on “Day 11: Slow Sunday

  1. I love the music that you play at the studio….because it’s become so familiar, it is almost comforting. I think it would be sweet for you to bring in a new playlist once in awhile but to keep the old one too because sometimes there’s nothing like music that the heart knows to help a body relax.



  2. Mon. April 12th, 12th day straight but first day since April 1st for MORNING yoga for me! YEAH!!! I finally made “the shift” and did 30 min. 5:30-6 am. I can thank my cat for that (pounding on a door & meowing at 5:15 am) … and, then, I can also thank the exquisite sliver of a crescent moon hanging low in the Eastern sky … there was a planet to the right of it; I had to google later to see what it was … ’tis Jupiter! (Info says: “Jupiter is low in the early morning sky in Aquarius” … oh! oh! I think I feel some song lyrics coming on!!! 😉

    Anyway, the crescent moon & Jupiter made a sweet & inspiring duo this morn!!!! (See, when ya can’t have Kath, ya gotta rely on other inspiring & illuminating elements!!! … 😉 … (side note: astronomy info also indicates that Neptune can be seen above Jupiter … hhhmmm … I’ll see if I can see it tomorrow morn …)

    I did a lovely morning routine which started off with a sweeping arms & breath routine that I learned years ago from Jenny Garrison … I think it is called “conductor breath” … lovely start! I also worked on more balancing. My cat hung out with me most of the time & so I incorporated him into my routine too. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Now, I am thinking … since I “opened up the space” in the evening for 30 minutes, I don’t want to fill it with extraneous crap. So, I plan to devote/commit to filling that space with some home-related organization that will help sustain my “yogic lifestyle.” 😉 … And, likely, I will still need to end-the-day with a short (15 min.?) easy, deep stretching/breathing routine. We’ll see what unfolds this evening … 0-:-)


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