Day 12: Progress in the Postures

This is the 3rd Annual Yoga Challenge, and every year there comes “the day.”

“The day” is the day when I begin to see real progress in the postures of the students who have been coming regularly.

Tonight I led a 3-legged dog with a hangover, and as I was walking around looking for people to assist “into” the posture, all I could find were people who needed a little more support to “go deeper.”  It’s not an easy pose at all, and all last week there were lots of people struggling with it.

But today was a turning point.  Bodies are starting to lose their stiffness; they’re starting to open up.  One student even said that she noticed that she had to adjust the rear view mirror of her car to accommodate her new torso length.

Imagine: only 12 days in, and already the change is starting to be seen.  Day 24 is going to be phenomenal at this rate!

5 thoughts on “Day 12: Progress in the Postures

  1. I don’t think you would have seen “it” in my virtual practice today! My alarm woke me up in the middle of a dream, and I spent the first 10 minutes of my practice half-asleep. Not the most focused practice, but I did get in 1/2 hour of warm-ups, suns, triangle, and, thanks to Cindy, Warrior 3. (Yes, Cindy, thank you!!!! That was the one I couldn’t remember!!)

    I am missing that “group” energy that comes from the big yoga class. 😦


  2. April 13th; Day 13 … Hey! I wanna do three-legged dog! I need to add that! (but, what’s the hangover part? do I need to drink the day before to attain that facet??) …

    Well, this morn, I got up and yoga-ed for 30 minutes: 5:40 to 6:10 am. Due to the cloudy morn, there was no sweet slivery silvery crescent moon or Jupiter to keep me company (but, altho I couldn’t see them, I know they were there!) so I lit a yellow candle and put on some cool chakra tribal drum music. I needed to shake-things-up-a-bit and I did. My cat attempted to take over the mat a few times. He did some poses and then sat and stared at me like I was a Goddess. I appreciate the support. After that, I strolled into work feeling light, bright and OPEN. Yeah, yeah, for my Lucky 13th Day!

    PS last night, I devoted the 30 minutes previously spent on yoga-ing to folda-ing some laundry. Yeah! I also did some light, easy stretches & breathing for about 10-to-15 minutes before bed. Nnnnnnnice way to tuck myself into dreamland.


    1. Cindy,
      Can I just tell you how much I am diggin’ your practice and the descriptions thereof? Omg, “folda-ing some laundry”??!! You are too much!
      The “hangover” part has nothing to do with tequila shots (unfortunately), but you could try that. No, the hangover is this:
      From a three-legged dog (leg lifted and extended skyward) bend your knee and hang the leg over your back. Try to touch the back of your head with your big toe (but don’t expect to do so! That’s just the basic direction you want to go.) If it’s the right leg lifted, look under your right armpit.
      What you’re doing is using the weight of your leg hanging over your back to give yourself a yummy side and hip stretch.
      Rinse and repeat on the other side.
      The mantra in this pose is: YUM.

      (Love you! Wish you lived closer and could come!)


  3. Cindy, you crack me up. What is it with the cats and yoga? Mine are all over the mat, too.

    Decided to listen to a free yoga podcast from iTunes today for my practice (which I just finished). OMG, the chatter and jabbering of the teacher! You know if *I* think someone talks too much, it must be bad 😉 It was a level 2/3 class, got in lots of good poses that I finally feel ready for, like half-moon and an interesting tree to Warrior 3 to tree vinyasa.

    The “class” made me appreciate the ambiance of MS Yoga, and the respect that Kathleen has for everyone there. No unnecessary chatter, just allowing everyone to find their edge, quietly, respectfully. Om.


    1. Oooooooo, nnnnnow I get the hangover part … Thanks Kath! … OK, I will try that tomorrow morn and try not to fall on my ass. Always a good goal.

      Jennifer: My Mom sends her Hellos & Love! She was DE-LIGHTED to hear that you sent yours (via the Virtual Yoga Challenge blog-a-rama!!). She said you used to be a Community Concert Assoc. board member/secretary (and the first to bring a laptop to a meeting!!! you trend-setter you!!) … Cooool! AND, she said she played piano at your house … ah, the joy of it! She emailed: “Tell her I send my best to her and hope all is well with them and their children!” If you are on Facebook, you can find her there! She’s aaalllll over that scene!!! 😉


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