Day 20: The Power of Stickers

I thought I knew something about the power of stickers.  When Tim started training me last October I started this streak of working out and one day he brought in stickers for me to put on my calendar for every day I worked out.  I wrote about it here.  I loved those little smiley faces and I was bound and determined to keep them going on my calendar.

Cindy Davis Meixel is one of the Virtual Yogarians, and she wrote that her daughter, Aria made her a calendar at the beginning of the month and for every day Cindy does yoga, Aria gives her a sticker.

Now, I totally love this!  But when I pictured this calendar I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE THIS MAGNIFICENT!

Check it.  Here are 2 pics Cindy sent me of her “yoga assistant” and her yoga calendar:

Aria and her Magnificent Calendar
Yoga Calendar

This is beyond amazing. How could you NOT do yoga everyday with a calendar like this?

(Aria?  You rock.)

5 thoughts on “Day 20: The Power of Stickers

  1. aaaaawwwwwwwww … how sweeeeeeet … 🙂

    I received Sticker #20 last night … after a very mellow 20 minutes before 9 pm … I had expected to arrive at Day 20 with wide-open intensity, however, I just ssssslid in softly … very mellow. That is alright too. At least the streak continues.

    PS Aria is also a great assistant when I’m in child’s pose – she likes to add extra pressure to my lower & upper back when I’m in child – similar to how a yoga teacher helps her students out, but Aria learned this in her modern dance class since they do child’s pose during their warm-up stretches. She does these pressures-pushes for 10 counts, 3 times, then she lays across my back with hers. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. A Mini-Yogamama-in-Training?!?

    PPS my cat is my second-assistant. He is very good at downward dog.


  2. This explains it. You must be a terrific Mom to have such a thoughtful, caring daughter!!! Just as I suspected!!

    V.Y. Friend


  3. This is fantastic! And endlessly shames my post-it note that keeps track. Yesterday I did the series again and today for day twenty I just sat. I sat and meditated for fifteen minutes. I have never done this before. I was fine for eight minutes until my foot fell asleep and my back was on fire, and the last minute felt like twenty. But I did it.


  4. Aria,
    You are the best and your mom is so lucky to have such a great training party. I cant wait to have you visit so you can help me with my yoga. I am not quite as excited about having kitty as 2nd assistant…
    Anyway, you and your mom keep on with your yoga practice!!


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