Day 25: The Last Sunday

I just got home from the last Sunday class at the studio led by Brenna.  **sniff** The month is very quickly coming to an end.  This Friday will be the last day of the Yoga Challenge.

I hope everyone will come to the party on Friday. (And hey there, you Virtuals??  I see you out there.  Can you come??  Please??  If you can, that would be amazing!)  It will begin right after the 5:30 class, at approximiately 6:30.  There will be munchies and drinks and I will draw for the raffled items, and we’ll all commiserate over the highs and the…hiiiighs.

The morning people will finally get to meet the evening people.  Everyone will get to meet the families of the others (yes! bring your friends and families!).

And everyone will get to see why I love my yogarians so much.  These are the best people in the entire world.

That’s what Brenna and I were talking about tonight after class.  She was expressing how grateful she felt to get to meet the people who practice at MSY.  I reminded her that, “I told you!!” when we first talked about her teaching on Sundays during the Challenge.  I told her, “Just you wait until you meet these people.  These people are a-mazing.

And now she knows.

In a lot of ways I don’t want this Challenge to end.  Cindy Meixel made a comment that she will miss her interaction with the other Virtuals when this is over, and so I am hatching a scheme whereby we can all continue to talk about our practices with each other every day.

(stay tuned!)

3 thoughts on “Day 25: The Last Sunday

  1. I KNOW! It’s strange to stare at my big calendar filled with stickers and only see one week of blankness left! WOW. I’m feeling a tad melancholy too (oddly! but mixed with pride!), however, I’ve hatched a new scheme for a new calendar & new goals for May! YEAH! Planning already!

    And, YEAH, glad to hear you are “hatching a scheme” for continued sharing. I kept logging my daily info at the bottom of your last entry, as you first mentioned to do, however, many of the yogarians (a.k.a. yogini-gals) were returning to that first “Virtual Yoga Challenge” post, so I wasn’t sure which way to go, so I just stayed with my own flow … kinda like yoga with everyone doin’ their own thing! But, yeah, it’s be good to “corral” us into one spot (if it would be possible to corral us?? nnnneigh nnnneigh) – Yeehaw!

    Last night, I accomplished 30 min. before bedtime and am, again, noticing a return to a bit more intensity with a desire to hold planks, bows, boats for longer (’til my whole body is shaking, then I release & reaxxxxxxx …. aaaaahhhhhh). I think I’m mmmmmooooving out of my slow snail phase of recent days. 🙂

    ALSO, well, guess what Kath … for MORE than a month now, I have had plans to BE IN MANSFIELD on Fri. April 30th at dinnertime. YEAH! (Coincidence??? I think not!!) That is my Mom’s Bday and I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner and she picked the Wren’s Nest; we have a reservation there at 6:30! Oh my! I was already planning on swinging by for a surprise hellloooooooo, but, now with the partay and all, hhhhmmmmmmm … I’m wondering if we 3 (hubby, daughter & I) could arrive at the studio at 6:30, delaying our Wren’s Nest landing ’til 7? … just trying to figure this out … hhhhmmmmmm … I plan to discuss this with my Mom today. And how long might you be partying? any guesses? we could surely fly by after dinner as well to see if anyone was still hangin’ around. What a DE-LIGHT!!!!! 0-:-)


  2. OMG, Cindy, I am so jealous. Not only do you have a daughter who makes you a calendar and assists your child’s pose, you also get to go to the party? That is SO not fair!! (as she stamps her foot, wrinkles her nose, and crosses her arms in dismay) I have May Day at school that morning, a parent-teacher conference in the afternoon, and then the school’s Contradance in the evening. And would you believe my fantasy sugar daddy would not even consider paying for a nanny and plane fare so that I could make it out to raise a glass? Pooh.

    Seriously, I’m glad that Kathleen has something up her sleeve, because I’m feeling a little misty about Friday’s significance, like the summer romance you don’t want to come to an end.

    Please give Kathleen a big hug for me on Friday, and I virtually sing “Happy Birthday” to your mom in the voice she remembers (which, unfortunately, is nowhere to be found…)


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