Day 26: The End Is Near

This is a picture of me being hoisted aloft at the End of the Challenge Party last year.  I found it as I was going through the archives today.  In a few days, there will be another party, another toast to our tribe, our yoga sangha, and all of our efforts this month.

Why do we do these things?  How do we pull it off?  It takes a lot of self-discipline and persistence in the face of weariness and not feeling well, and arranging for babysitters and eating later (or earlier) than is ideal.

And at the end, what are the take-aways?  For me, it is knowing that I went the extra mile for my students.  It is seeing my students progress–not just in their postures, but in their self-discipline and in their acceptance of themselves wherever they are in their yoga. It is especially gratifying seeing them taking care of one another, cheering each other on, commiserating and advising and laughing with each other.

It’s been quite the month.

MSY has really become the Inspiration Location.

13 thoughts on “Day 26: The End Is Near

  1. Oops! Cindy, did I miss the directions about leaving my day’s yoga on the same day of the blog? I hope that I still get all my MSY stickers 🙂

    Day 26: I do not have a smart key for the gym. My yoga practice today (after returning home from working out) sucked so badly that I am going to head to my bedroom in a minute to get another gentle practice in. The gym is ruining my yoga. Can I just put that out there? Or better to say that yoga is ruining the gym? It finally dawned on me today during yoga — another epiphany, hurray!

    I should preface that I joined the “gym” (I’ll acquiesce, Curves is not a gym) last week as a favor to the owner, a business colleague who has the perseverance of a hungry squirrel. 30 days for $30, haha. During the entire 30 minute work-out, I’m in misery. The cheesy 80’s cover music pains my musical sense of aesthetic. I don’t mind being the youngest patron, but I do mind the stares of contempt. The monkeys in my brain constantly taunt, “You should be doing yoga right now!” I can’t wait to get out of there so I can get home to my wonderful Earth-friendly HuggerMugger mat and two cats that make me dance in downward dog so I don’t accidentally kick them. So I decided today: screw the gym. Instead, I should have taken my friend out to a $30 lunch, martinis and all! From now on, I’m sticking with yoga. I could yoga for hours. Even though the poses are challenging, they still nourish me.

    Signing off to do some shoulder stand, legs up the wall, more pigeon, more twists, and more meditation.


    1. I love this!! I don’t love that you were disappointed in the gym, of course, but I love your dedication, your humor, your “I should have taken my friend out to a $30 lunch, martinis and all!” bitchin’ attitude (and yeah, next time, let’s do the martini lunch date, k?)
      I love your “posts” about your practice. Mwah!


      1. HAHAHAHA … that is CLASSIC Jennifer!!! LOVE IT!!! What a hoot! You right so well! Glad you figured out one of your Smart Keys does NOT open up the door at Curves! teeheeheehee hohohoho … you are FUNNY! And a great storyteller too! And, hey, just post your stuff wherever you want to post it! Here, there, everywhere!

        Day 26th for me brought a desire to ease myself back into a morning practice so I said to self: “Just 15 minutes. You can spare 15 minutes in the morning.” So, I did. 15 minutes in the morn, facing East, looking out the big Eastward window … aaaahhhhhhh. Then, I knew I needed to book-end that, so I did 15 minutes last night before bedtime. Gosh, since about mid-way through the month, April 16th or 17th?, I have not yoga-ed outside as it has been too chilly/windy. I’ve been yoga-ing in the evening upstairs in our open walkway area or loft space that we affectionately refer to as “The Tree House.” I have not really paid attention to which direction I’m facing, as I had in the first half of the month. It’s usually been late & dark … and I’m not good at my balance poses (tree, Warrior 3, etc.) in the darkness. I really need to get back better to those. And I can’t wait for a return to warmer/less windier weather … cuz I need to yoga OUTSIDE! 🙂


      2. OMG!! I can’t believe I said “you right so well”! HAHAHAHAHA. What a goofball I am!!! WRITE!!! WRITE!!! But, you know, you ARE right too!!!


      3. oh, and ANOTHER P.S. … I REALLY like this photo of you Kath!!! And I LOVE all the beer bottles!!! YEAH!!! Yoga & Beer: a great duo!!! PPS I will bring my camera on Friday!!!


      4. OK, so, I’m relentlessly PS-ing on this post (heehee), but I have to tell you that I have showed this photo to all of my important people here in the ‘port and I continue to DE-LIGHT in the thought of your “tribe” – … and, while I’ve been a virtual member of this tribe (and joyfully connected with the other virtual yogini gals), I’ve still felt, of course, a bit “removed” from all the “true tribal action.” Surely, for us who are yogaing at home, we have the ease of not having to get dressed (!!??) and get into a car (or walk) and haul our a**es up the steps & into the studio, but, of course, the reward to all of that effort is CONNECTION with LIKE MINDS, BLESSED BODIES, SWEATY SOULS. Yogaing alone, while deep & delightful in its own true way, can be, well, a bit dull & lonely at times. So, I’ve determined that, yes, I need to INJECT into my newly-committed practice some CONNECTION here & there with classes. And, definitely, next year, I will need to PLAN IN some visits to the studio. (Gee, I’m planning for the 4th annual April Yoga Challenge – in April 2011 already!!!!)

        But, back to the photo … OH, the JOY of it all – and the joy of what it will be like to BE THERE on Friday night 🙂 … even tho I can’t stay long 😦 … but, a little dose will do me 😉


      5. Yes, definitely the lunch! And maybe when I’m in town the next time, all the virtual yoginas (that looks so like another word, but I’m going to go with it, thank you, Eve Ensler) can somehow manifest themselves into your studio and we can have an IN PERSON class. Can you imagine? Would we ever stop laughing? I can feel Main Street vibrating now, and it wouldn’t be because of the damn trucks…


      6. Jennifer!!! YES!!! Let’s “manifest ourselves into the studio”! Great idea!!! And, YES, you are SO RIGHT about the “virtual yoginas”!!! I think our eyes easily edit out certain letters!!! teeheeteehee


  2. Kathleen:

    Hey, great photo. As readers and well-wishers, we wanna see more photos from your personal and professional life.

    Nice to know the yoga sessions are working out for you and your students.

    It’s also fabulous you are having parties now to celebrate your achievements.

    Wish some of your on-line readers could also be there to cheer you on.

    Have a nice day and may the force be with you.


  3. Hey Kath,

    I agree….GREAT photo!!! *GRIN*

    Actually, it’s one of my favorite photos from last year’s challenge because I can feel the joy and celebration shining through….not just in you but in those around you too. It was an evening to remember and I bet this years party will be just as wonderful. 🙂



  4. Day 25 I gave myself another hard practice. I did warriors until I shook, the lightning pose, and the complete Ashtanga series. Day 26, to focus myself I started with suns and gradually worked my way down to the floor where I did bridge and fish among other poses and ended with happy baby. It was wonderful.


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