I am in a Hampton Inn in Spotsylvania county, Virginia  (How I love that word Spotsylvania!)

From Pennslyvania to Spotsylvania and it only took 2 Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s, 2 This American Life‘s, 1 Radio Lab “Short,” 1 tall soy latte, 1 mozarella basil and roasted red pepper pannini, 1 lobster, shrimp and scallop dinner, and 1 Stella.

Not too bad.

First time in Virginia.  They say Virginia is for Lovers, but I think Virginia is mostly for horses in “love” because I saw lots of horses doing the deed today.

Now I am going to cozy up in this big ole king-sized bed, pour myself a little Irish Mist, and head to la-la land.

Sweet dreams!  Back on Monday.

One thought on “Spotsylvania

  1. Kathleen:

    Your post reminded me of Transylvania, that is, Frankenstein.

    Then again, when two people fall in love and get married, they quickly fall out of love and get divorced.

    You know why?

    There are two monsters lying in the marital bed: one is the wife, the other is the husband. Sad.

    So much for a “marriage made in heaven.”

    I’ve not been watching any horror movies.

    Whenever I want to watch a horror movie, I just go right ahead and show up for a wedding.


    And while you’re at it, kindly avoid going to Virginia during the mating season of horses.

    Drink plenty of Irish Mist to forget such unpleasant experiences. Holy Blessings to ye all.


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