Fun Ruts

The other day I posted on Facebook that I was compiling my summer reading list and asked all my FB friends for one “must read” recommendation.

I asked because I’ve been in a book rut.  I read the same kinds of books all the time: new age, spiritual classics, non-fiction, with the occasional novel thrown in for good measure.

So now, thanks to FB,  I have a whole list of intriguing book recs that I am currently contemplating and I’m definitely going to be reading some great new stuff this summer.

Every year before Memorial Day G and I make a “Fun List” for the summer.  I’m sitting here now, looking at this list and it kind of looks like last year’s: a bike trip, a ball game, a trip to the beach, flying a kite, an impromptu party, a new kayak area, a star-gazing trip to Cherry Springs and lots of other super-fun things.

But as ridiculous as it sounds–no, not ridiculous, as oxymoronic as it sounds, I think I may be in a “fun rut.”

I want to break out, go on an escapade, have a lark, do something so totally unlike what I would ever consider doing, that it would skyrocket me into a whole new stratosphere of fun.

So here’s what I want from you: Suggest something.  What are you going to do for fun this summer?  What do you think I ought to try?  If I take your suggestion I’ll take pics or video of me doing it and post them here.

Deal?  Okay, GO!

5 thoughts on “Fun Ruts

  1. I think you should take a road trip to Maine, find a friend with a quaint little cabin on a very lively marsh to sit at (or “sit” at) and observe for a few days. Maybe check out the local music scene at night, kayak the marsh, river, and/or lakes of the area, take a day trip to Maine’s beautiful Acadia National Park, eat some fresh Maine lobstah, and perhaps attend a local bluegrass festival where a certain friend of yours will be playing. That’s my suggestion.


  2. Kathleen:

    You deserve to enjoy yourself to the hilt–that’s for sure, and let nothing stand in the way of that joy.

    Well, since you asked, let me recommend one book only. It is a must-read for you. I am reading it now.

    “Zen In The Martial Arts” by Joe Hyams. It is a short book, less than 140 pages. Almost half are photos, but what a great read. Fantastic.

    “If one of your goals is to live with maximum zest and minimum stress” read this book. “The great beauty of the books is that as Hyams’ mind receives enlightenment, so does ours.”

    Bruce Lee needs no introduction, but what the heck? The legendary martial artist and Hollywood star may have passed away at a young age–under mysterious circumstances–but the author introduces the young master in this book. We all get to learn from Bruce Lee and other experts.

    This is one book that can help you in your personal and professional life. One book that I would like to keep on my book shelf, and refer to, again and again, when I have any concerns.

    Have a nice day, Kathleen, and cheers to you!


  3. Did you read the A.J. Jacobs book yet? I started it, and think you’ll enjoy it too.

    I’ll keep thinking of some fun things to do that would be new and fun for you…


  4. Kath,
    You should check out; its like facebook for readers. We started a group at my school (Southside) so we could share what we are reading for the summer.


  5. Kath,I don’t know why, but I think you should go to Newport R.I. and go on one of the overnight sail boat trips. My brother and I are planning on taking at least a day trip this summer. We love watching sail boats. We would pack a lunch and go sit at Fort Adams for hours watching the large freighters and sail boats. I always screamed when it looked like they would tip over, so Scott took me to the boat restoration shop in Newport to show me the keel. The guy at the shop explained how it worked .Now I think I could enjoy sailing. That is, as a passenger.

    There are nice areas to run, bike and hike around Newport also.

    When we were there we stayed above one of the shops right at the pier in Newport. That was neat. You could walk everywhere and there were clubs within walking distance. Evenings we would go to town square sit on the bench and have a cappuccino while people watching. We met some nice people.

    Maybe mining? We are planning on doing some on our travels. Last year we did some in Ak. Didn’t find anything but aches and pains we didn’t know we had. This year we want to try North Carolina .


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