My Mother: Goofus

Remember Highlights, the kid's magazine?  Yeah.  I loved Highlights, especially the Hidden Pictures.  But the part of Highlights I remember the most was Goofus and Gallant.  Goofus was rude.  Gallant was polite. Goofus stole things. Gallant respected the property of others.  Goofus lit the cat's tail on fire.  Gallant was always kind to animals. And … Continue reading My Mother: Goofus


I am in a Hampton Inn in Spotsylvania county, Virginia  (How I love that word Spotsylvania!) From Pennslyvania to Spotsylvania and it only took 2 Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's, 2 This American Life's, 1 Radio Lab "Short," 1 tall soy latte, 1 mozarella basil and roasted red pepper pannini, 1 lobster, shrimp and scallop … Continue reading Spotsylvania

Gauging My Life

Ever since the end of the Challenge and the end of the Half Marathon I've been really tired and feeling kinda lackluster. It happens.  Letdowns happen. Brian Johnson of Philosopher's Notes, quoting one of his favorite  authors, says, "When our car runs low on gas, we don't blame the gauge, we simply pull into a … Continue reading Gauging My Life

April Recap

What a weekend!   Here is our running "Trybe" before we approached the start line for the River Towns Half Marathon.  We all look so happy and fresh and smiley and clean, don't we? Yeah, we didn't end up looking so pretty, but we all finished!  We have been training since January in temps ranging from … Continue reading April Recap