So Totally Predictable

Predictably, I am posting today.  Why?  Because it’s the first of the month, that’s why!  New Beginning!  Fresh Slate!

(oh geez. how many times have I done this?)

There is also some kind of contest thingy called Post a Day(?), or something, going on at BlogHer too, and because I am a sucker for that sort of thing, I am going to attempt to post every day in October. Just to see if I can.

I started by changing headers.  That “Vanquish Murk” thing you see up there is sitting on the sideboard in my dining room.  Every month, or season, or whenever I feel like it, I put a new word or saying there to remind myself of something.  (I got those letters and the little wooden stand that holds them from Levenger a long time ago and they are one of my favorite things to play with.)

“The Murk” is starting to insinuate itself with a vengeance these days: rainy, darker in the morning, and new today, cold.  So my challenge every day is to wake up, brandish my sword, and take on the murk.  Vanquish the hell out of its ass.

Fortunately, my sword has been newly honed and is wicked sharp at the moment. I just got back from a yoga teacher training, one of 10 in a series leading eventually to my 500 Hour Pranakriya YTT.

This particular one was on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and it was mind-blowing.  A game changer, for sure.  Everything is starting to make a lot more sense now.  Yogically.  (And non-yogically, too.)

My teacher, Yoganand Michael Carroll, was constantly pausing during the lectures and asking, “Is this too weird?”

Yeah, it’s weird!  But, Bring IT!

As a result, my home practice has now been revived, and totally revised. My teaching is going through some sea changes too, though a lot more slowly and carefully.  So although the season is going into “armpit weather” and is doing its level best to dampen my flame, it is not succeeding.

Every morning I do rounds and rounds of kapalabhati, followed by bastrika, followed by pranayam-infused asana, and I’m good to go.

So October?  I’m calling you out.  Bring your cold and gloom. Go ahead, kill my marigolds, make it too wet and miserable to bike, I’m not going into the murk this year. I’m going to stoke my inner fire and keep myself amped.

Here is a picture of me, with my two favorite yoga teacher buddies.  Both of them completed their training at this one,(Happy, Happy! Joy! Joy!) but it is hard to think that I won’t see them at my final two trainings.


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