Homecoming Parade

This morning there was a Homecoming parade in town.  Floats, marching bands, dignitaries in convertibles.

The people on the floats always throw candy to the kids along the parade route.

Here’s a true story.

My dear friend Jennifer, a wise woman, naturopath, grinder of her own wheat for flour (!), never let her kids eat sugar.  One year, (no lie), when the people on the floats threw candy at her kids?  She picked it up and threw it back!

Today G saw an usual thing at the parade.  Usually the kids just swoop in and gather as much candy as they can into their chubby little hands. But this little guy actually looked at the largesse at his feet and seemed to contemplate the selection:

contemplating the junk food

And then he did this:

making a selection

He made a considered choice.  I think he’s reading the label here, thinking about the spike in his blood sugar this candy might cause, and the the possibility of juvenile diabetes.

I would like to say that he put that candy back on the ground, but he didn’t. He took it over and showed it to his mother.

I think even Jennifer might have smiled.

One thought on “Homecoming Parade

  1. Oh my goodness, yes, I am smiling! Thank you!! What a wise soul. What are we doing to our children, teaching them to equate sugar with heroes and goodness? It’s not any better here on the left coast.

    Yesterday we went to Goodwill to get Luke a remote control car in exchange for his upcoming Halloween bounty. He knows that the candy turns him into a psychopathic lunatic (no exaggeration), so he chose this as the trade-off. He’ll get the car — and the batteries to go with it — when he turns in his bag o’shit in 3 weeks.

    Yup, they sure have a lot of wisdom packed into those little bodies.


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