Ives Run Trail Challenge

Oh man, I am so tired tonight.  It might have something to do with this glass of champagne I am sipping on , or the long soak in the hot tub that happened before the champagne.

Or maybe it was the super-stim of a houseful of people all weekend and all the non-stop barking of the dog.

Or maybe it was the 4 mile trail run that G and I did this afternoon on the most perfect day (weatherwise) on one of the most pretty wooded areas around here, with a bunch of really upbeat and wonderful people. We had a blast, we really did, and as we were leaving a guy offered to take this picture of us.

G and K after the Ives Run Trail Challenge

After this we went to Pag-o-Mar for ice cream, and then home to dinner and the aforementioned hot tub and champagne.

Oops!  My glass is empty.



3 thoughts on “Ives Run Trail Challenge

  1. Way to go – you guys rock! Although Ryli kept saying to me as she ran, we have to beat that girl in the blue – you know the one with the hiking poles.. It took me a bit to figure out you were that GIRL in the blue she was talking about. She said she said she wanted to beat you – we can’t let that happen! So way to go Girl!
    Great day!


    1. That is so funny! “Girl” indeed! And to think I have JUST finished “Younger Next Year” and it has already started to work! Awesome! It was a great day, had a blast and loved chatting it up with you on the trail!


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