Getting “Schlitzered”

Took a great hike on Saturday on the Black Forest Trail with Tim and Jackie.  The weather could not have been better and the company more inspiring.  Tim and Jackie are so fit and athletic and run on batteries, I swear.

Jackie got up and ran 13 miles before we even started hiking, and we hiked for 14 miles.  We forded streams, inched our way along mossy banks, climbed steep inclines and walked along the spine of the mountain.

We sniffed mountain laurel flowers, and saw a timber rattlesnake sleeping in the sun.  The sky was deep blue, the streams cascaded like white lace over rocks and among Zen-garden like moss.

We ate great sandwiches we bought at the best little store in Slate Run and emptied our Camelbacks.

After wading through a knee-deep icy stream and then walking through the deep silence of tall hemlocks, we at last reached the car 7 hours later.

G and I were planning to go to a friend’s party that night, but once home we totally bonked.  We were “schlitzered.”  (Tim and Jackie’s last name is Schlitzer, and “schlitzer” is now our new word for feeling  exhausted to the point where you’re slurring your words and feeling body-blitzed.)

Here are a few photos of the day.  It was so much fun!

starting out
The group
G and Kath
Tim and Jackie
Timber rattlesnake

One thought on “Getting “Schlitzered”

  1. Such beautiful pictures! Glad you guys are getting a nice spring, because ours has been cold and wet. I won’t even comment about Jackie ran a casual 13 miles before hiking for 14? Sigh.

    Luke was totally impressed by the timber rattlesnake. He was happy for you that you didn’t wake him up!


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