Pale, Fat, but Wise

Today was one of those rainy spring days–you know the ones: drippy, not especially cold, but dreary.  I went to the polls and voted around 11 and was voter number 12 at my precinct.  Yeah, 12.

Can you say “light turnout?”  I wrote in my man John Kesich who is dedicated to seeing that the gas well drilling goes forward safely, or not at all.  He needs 300 write-ins to get on the ballot next election.

*fingers crossed*

I spent the rest of the afternoon scribbling in my paper journal, working out some things.  Some day I will write a post about what happens in my paper journal.  It involves writing a letter to myself every day, and I’ll tell you, magic happens.

I was thinking that if this weather pattern (cold, drizzly, dark) continued for months at a time as it does in certain parts of the country (Hi Emily!!) I would be fat, pale, but wise because I would just stay inside, eat and read all day.

Boomer is feeling back to her old self again after her 2 days of sickness, (thanks for everyone who expressed concern), but she had a low energy day today as well.

Dogs are really good at sleeping!

Boomer sleeps

2 thoughts on “Pale, Fat, but Wise

  1. Dear Boomer,

    Due to my latest round of chemo, I’m going to be napping a lot too. C’mon over and we can nap the week away.

    Much love,

    Maggie’s Mama


  2. We do have multiple days like the one you experienced yesterday… But, we have an attitude that I think is unlike the rest of the country: we plug through. We hike, we bike, we take walks and go to the gym on those dreary days. And all because you can find a Starbucks or some other coffee shop on every block in the city. 🙂


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