No More Yoga Talk Here

It’s been almost a month since the end of the April Yoga Challenge and some of the people who got so used to talking about their practice in the Comment boxes on this blog are now jonesin’ for that old connected feelin’ again.


Today I built a new blog here on WordPress.  It’s called Virtual Yogarians and it’s for anybody who wants to write about yoga and have other people to talk to about yoga. Go check it out!

This won’t be MY blog, though I will post on it regularly.  I will administer it, but you, (yes you!), can post about your practice there.  Here’s what you do:

1. Send me your name and email and I’ll add you as an author.

2. WordPress will send you an email asking you to register.  You will create a user name, and a password.  WordPress will ask you if you want to create a blog or a just a username. You just want a username.

3. Then you will just login to Virtual Yogarians, go to your Dashboard, pick “Add New Post” and then write whatever your heart desires, post pics if you want, add links, go for it!  It’s your blog!

Cool, eh?  Yeah.

I’m excited about this.  So, no more yoga talk here.  All yoga yapping will be at Virtual Yogarians.

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