The Numbers of My Life

I am not a number fan.  I am a letter girl.  And don’t get me started on the mixing of numbers and letters like in algebra.  That’s just wrong.  2x + y = 12?  No.  The numbers need to stay where they belong (on the number line) and the letters need to stay in the alphabet and there should be no fraternizing between them.

The only time I remember having a semi-good time with numbers was at a writing session at Zee’s when the prompt was to enumerate things.  I am going to share some of my “enumerations” here in the hopes that you will think it’s fun and do one of your own.  If you do, I’d love if you’d share it.

Glasses of water I drink in a year: 121

Glasses of wine I drink in a year: 1,095

Number of trips to the ER: 1

Number of boyfriends: 8

Times I’ve been fired: 1

Times I’ve quit:  1

Jobs I’ve held: 6

Bishop’s rings I’ve kissed:  2

Times I skipped school: 82

Varieties of illegal drugs I’ve taken: 6

Varieties of illegal drugs I’ve enjoyed: 5

Speeding Tickets I’ve received: 2

Cigarettes I’ve smoked: 0

Acid trips I’ve taken: 6

Acid trips I’ve enjoyed: 6

Catholic Masses I’ve attended: 840

Foreign countries I’ve visited: 2

Foreign languages I speak: 0

Number of cars I’ve owned: 7

Number of animals I’ve owned: 23

Average attention span: 30 minutes

Number of years I’ve spent in classrooms: 20

Number of classrooms I’ve fallen asleep in: 60

Number of students I’ve expelled: 1

Number of times I’ve been expelled: 1

Gallons of ice cream I’ve eaten: 112

Number of times I’ve chanted OM: 178

Number of times I’ve said the rosary: 635

Number of schools I’ve attended: 8

Number of schools I’ve taught in: 4

Number of fillings in my mouth: 14

Number of minutes I’m ususally late: 6

Number of minutes I’m usually early: 3

Number of days a year I sing: 360

Number of 1950s commercial jingles I still know by heart: 4

Number of Irish songs I know by heart: 1

Number of emails in my Inbox: 774

Number of people I follow on Twitter: 210

Number of people who follow me on Twitter: 288

Number of tequila shots in one sitting: 6

Number of tequila shots in the last 10 years: 0


Now you!  Go!

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